A Full-Service Civil & Industrial Coatings Application Company


ALS Industrial Services is a full service industrial coatings application company that has built its business through reliability, competitive pricing and quality service. Our goal is to provide our customers with a quality service that will consistently surpass their requirements and highest expectations.


Our facility offers 44,000 square feet of indoor shop space residing on 4.7 acres. Located in Pasadena Texas at the hub of all major transport routes near the Port of Houston, ALS Industrial Services is ideally located to service the Houston, Pasadena, Texas City, Channelview and gulf coast regions.


One NACE Level III and one NACE Level II Inspectors are on staff to ensure compliance to required specifications as well as generate any inspection documentation required.  Our reputation for high quality, innovative products and services make it the ‘go to’ company for many of the oil and gas industry leaders.

ALS Industrial Services has continued to provide top quality contract services to various clients/facilities while maintaining an exceptional safety record and focus on timely completion of all projects. As a result of ALS Industrial’s commitment to safety, ALS Industrial Services has achieved a TRIR of “0” and an EMR of >1 for 2016,2017,2018 and is continuing this exceptional safety record into 2019. ALS Industrial has managed this safety culture by adopting the following safety programs and procedures.
Employee hiring – ALS Industrial has committed to vetting and hiring quality craftsman performing skill assessments using ASTM Designation D4228-05, which is the “Standard Practice of Coating Applicators for Application of Coatings to Steel Surfaces”
You Can Stop – ALS Industrial Services has empowered its personnel with not only the authority but, the responsibility to stop any unsafe act and report any unsafe condition.
ISNET World(ISN) – ALS Associates doing business as ALS Industrial is registered with ISNET with A grades for all clients
Employee training – ALS Industrial provides continuously updated and documented safety training to all Supervision and Field personnel. This training includes third party training for DOT Operators Qualifications and Houston Area Safety Council.
I-Care Program – ALS Industrial personnel participates in an anonymous safety observation program called “I-Care”. This program is the corner stone of the companies Behavior Based Safety Program.
DISA Global – ALS Industrial is currently enrolled in pre-access random  NASAP and DCCHT consortium policies.
Short Service Worker – ALS Industrial Service has adopted a Short Service worker procedure for all new hire employees that have been employee less then 60 days
Dashboard – ALS Industrial has established a safety data input system to track leading vs lagging indicators in a proactive approach to prevent incidents/injuries.
National Center for Construction Education  and Research (NCCER) – ALS Industrial Service is excited to announce approval to be an Accredited Training Center and employing a Master Trainer to provide quality training to our employees.