Safety Procedures and Programs/Employee training

ALS Industrial currently has 88 safety procedures as part of the company safety manual.  They cover various industry best practices and are continuously reviewed and updated to continue compliance with OSHA, TCEQ, ANSI, ASME and NFPA.

ALS Industrial provides continuously updated and documented safety training to all Supervision and Field personnel weekly. This training is subsidized with training from Houston Area Safety Council-All ALS Supervision has current CPR/First Aid training.

Cardinal Rules

ALS Industrial has adopted the following 9 “Cardinal Rules”

  • Failure to report an incident or injury immediately
  • Any Reports that you make after the end of your current workday shift or later, will be classified as a “Delayed Treatment Claim”
  • Failure to disclose previous health conditions, including surgeries on your initial Job Application.
  • Failure to properly Tie-Off at heights greater than six feet (Facility best practice will be followed)
  • Harassment or Discrimination (any form, any kind) will NOT be tolerated
  • Reporting to work under the influence is never permitted at ALS Industrial Services. The use of prescription drugs that might hinder the safe performance of your daily duties must be reported to your supervisor before the start of your shift
  • Failure to comply with Lockout/Tagout policies/procedures. Always follow lockout instructions that have been given to you by your supervisor
  • Horseplay is not permitted at ALS Industrial Services. Practical jokes and throwing objects can distract employees and lead to serious injuries
  • Carrying weapons, ammunition or illegal drugs onto ALS Industrial Services customer’s facilities is not permitted at any time
  • Do not attempt to perform work if you are not properly trained or instructed by your supervisor. Only trained and authorized employees are permitted to work on or around equipment and they must have received the proper training and permit to operate

I-CARE Program/Dashboard

ALS Industrial personnel participates in an anonymous safety observation program called “I-Care”. This program is the corner stone of the companies Behavior Based Safety Program

ALS Industrial has a safety data input system to track leading and lagging indicators from information collected from field audits, incidents, near misses, I-Care safety observations